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best wig tips for staying cool summerWearing a wig during the summer months in Arden, NC, can be a challenge when it comes to keeping your head as cool as possible in the heat. However, it doesn’t have to be a struggle. 

We have put together a list with a few handy tips you can follow to keep your head as cool in the summer months as possible, while also looking fabulous and feeling confident. 

Tips to Stay Cool in Wig Arden, NC  

1. Choose a Wig Base That Is Breathable

Wig bases are essential to your wig’s appearance and also can determine how comfortable you feel in the wig. The bases for wigs can come in a range of materials, with the majority being adjustable. When looking for lightweight wigs for summer, we recommend a capless wig or a wefted wig. You can also try a lightweight wig cap or a wig headband that only covers the front of the head rather than the full scalp.

2. Try a Short Wig Length or Hot Weather-Friendly Styling

When wearing a wig in hot weather, the length and styling of the wig can have a great effect on how warm you get. If you feel confident in wearing a shorter-length wig, then this is a great way to keep the hair off your neck and allows you to feel cooler. But, if you love wearing longer-length wigs, braids and ponytails are a fabulous way to style your wig and keep yourself cool. 

3. Choose a Lighter Colored Wig

During a sunny day, darker colors soak up a substantial amount of heat. Lighter colors are recommended for the summer because they tend to absorb less heat. Choosing a wig that is a few shades lighter than you usually go for can make a huge difference in the sun. 

4. Wearing Headwear Is Stylish and Cool

If the weather is scorching outside, it doesn’t make sense to wear your wig. So why not just skip it entirely? 

It may be the first time you haven’t worn a wig in public, but if you feel comfortable giving it a try, it could keep you nice and cool in the heat. There are also so many amazing types of headwear available to wear. 

We recommend either a fabulous summer hat, a chic headscarf, or a stylish turban for the summer. 

Klassi-La’Chiq Beauty Essentials

Hopefully, these tips will help you stay cool, calm, and comfortable this summer. At Klassi-La’Chiq, we have a huge selection of beautiful summer-colored and styled wigs in Arden, North Carolina. 

In addition, we offer a variety of beauty services that include facial treatments and hair extensions. 

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