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Wearing a wig in the summersummer wig can pose challenges for many wig wearers in Asheville, NC. To keep your wigs looking their best, we have curated a list of our top-rated wig accessories. Wig caps, styling products, and wig stands will have all your needs covered. 

Using quality wig care products is essential to maintain your wig and maximize its longevity. 

At Klassi-La’Chiq Beauty and Essentials, our goal is to make you feel and look your best.

Summer Wig Supplies Arden, NC | Klassi-La’Chiq

Wig Caps from Headcover

Headcovers have a wide selection of wig caps to keep your wig feeling cool and comfortable during the summer months. We recommend using an aloe wig cap infused with real aloe vera plants, soothing your scalp and wicking away moisture. 

Bamboo wig caps made from organic bamboo are another great option because they are soft as silk and won’t irritate the scalp. 

If you like the natural feeling of cotton, cotton wigs are a popular choice. You can also choose the classic nylon and mesh fishnet wig caps. They are incredibly popular and a great choice for keeping your real hair out of your wig. 

Wig Shampoo and Conditioner

Wigs are an investment; that is why it is important to purchase a quality shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for wigs. Regular shampoos and conditioners can cause build-up on your wig, decreasing the longevity of the hair, drying it out, and even making it sticky. 

It’s worth it to purchase the appropriate kind of shampoo and conditioner, depending on if your wig is synthetic or human hair. 

Wig Adhesives

Wigs can be secured in many ways. Although adhesives are not necessary for most wigs, some individuals like the extra feeling of security. Roll on adhesive can be secured to the head, keeping your wig in place. 

Toupee clips are used to sew inside of your wig to secure your natural hair. Gripping headbands is another product that will secure the perimeter of your wig and help keep it from sliding.

Wig Styling Products

Regular hair string products should not be used on your wig because they can damage and dry out the hairpiece. To keep your hair in place, use wig hair spray and wig mousses. 

Additionally, wig chin styling sprays are a simple and handy tool that can be used to secure your wig while you style it on your head.

Wig Combs and Brushes

Regular brushes and combs can cause static in your wig or, even worse, pull at the hair fibers, causing frizzing and breakage. At Klassi-La’Chiq Beauty and Essentials, we offer a large selection of quality wig brushes and combs to keep your wig looking its best. 

Our selection of brushes and combs will allow you to safely style your wig without causing damage.

Klassi-La’Chiq Beauty and Essentials in Arden, NC

There are a variety of fun activities to do in Asheville, NC. However, if you are worried about the warm weather ruining your hairstyle, Klassi-La’Chiq is here to help. 

Come and visit our shop for all the latest styles and trends that will have you looking your best with our top-rated wig accessories. In addition to our beauty supply store, we offer facials, treatments, hair extension services, and permanent makeup.

Contact us to book a consultation and let us help you find your wig accessories for the summer.