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BraidsStyling your child’s hair can be a struggle and stressful at times. You can greatly cut down the styling time in the morning by putting your child’s hair into a protective braid. Protective styles are not only easy to manage, but they promote hair growth, maintain length, and protect your child’s hair. 

These braided styles will help your child’s hair grow, prevent breakage and reduce daily damage caused by elements. Washing, detangling, and moisturizing your child’s hair every day not only takes time but also takes a toll on the hair. However, protective styles can be left in for weeks, depending on the hair. 

There are a variety of protective hairstyles, but here are a few styles that protect your child’s hair and promote hair growth:

  • Cornrows With Beads
  • Classic Two Strand Twists With Beads
  • Crochet and Bantu Knots
  • Braided Bun

How Often Should I Put My Child’s Hair in Braids?

Protective styles can be interchanged with styles that showcase their natural hair. They’ll want to have their hair out at different times, and it’s great that they want to let their hair breathe. A good idea is to incorporate styling your child’s hair into your routine. 

Try setting some time aside to wash, comb, moisture, and style your child’s hair. Find a salon nearby that can braid your child’s hair. They’ll often be more skilled at it, so the braids can be smaller and stay in longer. 

When Is it Ideal to Use Protective Styles?

A lot of salons would advise using protective styles a lot in the winter, especially because of how dry the air can get. If you live in an especially sunny climate and you expose your hair a lot, the damage from the sun can also take its toll. 

Take advantage of protective styles when going on holiday or when school is out, and you don’t have the time, tools, or routine to manage your hair properly. Putting the hair into a protective style such as a braid or bun loosely can also help the hair overnight. 

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