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answering hair extension questionsWhether you want to add length, volume, or change your style for a new season, hair extensions are a great option. They offer endless combinations of styles, but without proper care, you can end up with matted hair, dull strands, and even irreversible damage. 

Even though your extensions don’t grow from your scalp, you need to take care of them as you would your own hair. Not all extensions are created the same. That’s why we can help you with how to take care of your beautiful extensions.

All About Hair Extensions Asheville, NC

Replace Extensions Regularly

Even with the best maintenance, you shouldn’t wear the same extensions forever. Sew-in extensions can stay for up to two or three months with proper care and regular trips to your hairstylist. 

We recommend replacing extensions every six to eight weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows to avoid matting and tangling. 

Install Your Extensions Correctly

Maintaining your hair extensions starts with how you install them. Always make sure that your extensions are applied by a professional who has been trained in that extension method. Poor installation can lead to damaging your natural hair, and you will have to remove that style sooner than you wanted to.  

How to Wash Your Hair

Most people don’t realize they can wash their hair while the extension is in. Even though you are wearing extensions, you need to ensure you are taking good care of the hair and scalp. We recommend washing and conditioning the extensions at least every other week. 

Excessive washing can cause the install to loosen, and you wouldn’t get long wear out of it. With extensions, be gentle with your roots when you cleanse the hair, and always use products that are hydrating and gentle on the hair. 

Sleep on Silk or Satin

The best way to sleep with your hair extensions is by wrapping them in silk or sleeping on a satin pillowcase to prevent dryness. Use a soft bristle brush to gently brush the area where the extension is connected to your head. 

Wrap a silk scarf and tie it around your head. If you want a wavy look the following day, put your hair in two loose ponytail braids. This will give your hair some texture for styling. 

Hair Extensions in Asheville, NC

If you are considering switching up your look, hair extensions are a great way to achieve instant length, fullness, and shine. Klassi-La’Chiq carries a variety of hair extensions in our beauty supply retail store. Contact us today for more information.