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Tips on How to Care for Braids With Extensions

Tips on How to Care for Braids With Extensions

Braids are extensions that can be added to your hair, either artificial or real, and are clipped in with the rest of the hair so that you will have enough hair in terms of length and thickness that can be used to try out a wide variety of braids hairstyles. 

Braid extensions are very popular, and in fact, help to keep your hair protected in style. Before you arrive at the salon, we would like to give you tips on how you can properly take care of your braid extensions.  


Types of Braid Extensions

There are many beautiful hairstyles that we simply love, and here is a list of the most popular types of braid extensions:

  • Box Braids: Box braids refer to the braids that have been tied up using the three-strand technique. They are usually large and chunky but can come in many different sizes. With proper maintenance, box braids last between two to three months. 
  • Faux Locs: Faux locs are created when your natural hair is braided and twisted, and then your synthetic hair or extensions are styled similarly. Tradition locs are meant to last a lifetime, while faux locs can be styled to last for four to six weeks. It’s an easier styling choice for anyone looking for less of a permanent commitment. 
  • Cornrows: Like box braids, cornrows are another very popular style. The hair is braided directly into the scalp using the three-strand style.  Cornrows on natural hair or with extensions can last for 2 to 6 weeks depending on your maintenance routine, size-length of braids, how fast your hair grows, hair type, and the quality of extension used. 
  • Micro-Braids: Micro braids are very tiny braids that may take a long time to be installed into your hair, but once it’s done, we guarantee you that you will look your best, especially with long extensions. You can leave micro braids in your hair anywhere from one to eight weeks. It all depends on how well you care for them. 
  • Yarn Braids: This hairstyle or extension is made typically by using synthetic acrylic yarn and weaving it up to create a gorgeous braids hairstyle. Yarn braids can be kept in the hair for five to eight weeks; however, if your hair and scalp start to feel dirty, you can wash your hair to remove build-up. 
  • Marley Twists: This type of braid is usually worn by people who have less texture and thickness to their hair, as it helps to add some volume and definition. The twists in this hairstyle are made up of two strands. Marley twists last between six to eight weeks and can be styled from a classic high bun to waist-length. 
  • Havana Twists: Havana twists are double or even triple the size of a single Marley twist, making for a perfect chunky hairstyle. The twists are long-lasting and are meant to be able to last up to eight weeks with salon care. 

Tips to Take Care of Braid Extensions

1. Find the Right Hair Type

To find the right texture, you have to ask yourself these questions: “What are you going for? Are you wearing curly, wavy, or straight hair? Do you want to use the natural texture of your hair?” 

Also, when selecting a shade close to your natural hair colors or adding a pop of color, never try to match natural hair to extension hair while damp because wet hair always appears darker. 

2. Prep Your Hair Before Installation

A lot of people install their hair without washing and conditioning. However, a clean, hydrated scalp is key. Before installing braids, apply your favorite leave-in conditioner along with coconut oil. When installing weaves, choose liquid or cream-based moisturizers since excess oils can make extensions look greasy. 

Lastly, detangle your hair, so you don’t have the additional stress when trying to eliminate knots and get braids at the same time. 

3. Know Your Style’s Duration

Weaves and braids can last from six weeks to two months. But you should never exceed the three-month mark because your hair will start to lock and tangle. It will be very difficult to remove tangles which can result in a lot of hair loss and breakage. 

4. Maintain the Look of Your Hair

One great way to extend the life of braids is to get touch-ups on the braids every three weeks at a salon. This will keep your braids looking fresh, new and extend the life of the style for two to three additional weeks. 

For weaves, it’s recommended for you to service your weave every two weeks with salon shampoo and steam treatment, and tighten up any loose tracts.

Braids themselves don’t damage natural hair, but a trim is recommended when the hair is released to encourage healthy growth and keep your hair well-groomed.

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