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Tips for Oiling Your Scalp Correctly

Tips for Oiling Your Scalp Correctly

These days, hair oil is typically used before bed or before washing your hair. Every oil is different, and it’s important to find the right oil for your hair type and learn how to correctly apply oil to your hair so you can achieve hair oiling maximum benefits.

Hair oiling restores vitamins and minerals that can get stripped from your hair if you wash it frequently or use shampoo with sulfates. Originated from ancient Indian tradition, hair oiling helps protect your hair from damage and breakage, reduces dandruff, and increases hair growth. 


Common Questions on Oiling Your Scalp Correctly

How Should I Massage the Oil?

A scalp massage helps boost blood circulation, which can lead to hair growth and also help you relax. However, massaging vigorously can break a lot of hair during and after the oil massage. Be gentle; use the tips of your fingers to massage the oil on the roots and scalp. 

Massaging in a circular motion is great for improving circulation. Also, make sure not to tangle hair in the process because it can cause breakage and even pull hairs from their follicle. 

Should I Apply Oil on Wet or Dry Hair?

You can oil your hair when it’s wet or dry, but your hair and scalp have to be clean, or the oil won’t absorb. For coconut oils, it’s best to apply it on dry hair, as larger molecules may not penetrate the shaft of wet hair as well as they can on dry hair. 

Also, use warm oil to help it sink better into the hair. To do this, heat a towel or warm hair oil to increase the chances of absorption. You can warm up the oil in a bowl and apply it or use a hot towel on your hair after application.

How Much Oil Should I Be Using?

The amount of oil you need depends on the oil you are using and the length of your hair. Apply one palmful of oil into your scalp and gently massage. Then use about one or two palmfuls on your strands, depending on density and hair texture. 

Give your hair much-needed moisture, especially on color or chemically treated hair. 

How Long Should I Leave It On For?

You can leave the oil in your hair overnight, but usually, two hours should suffice. If you apply more oil than you need, you will need the same amount of shampoo to get it off. This leads to dryness, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve. Remember, a little oil can go a long way. 

Also, not everyone should oil their hair, though. Those with dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis should not oil their hair because it may increase flaking, causing dandruff to stick to the scalp. It can also lead to red patches, itching, inflammation, and more. 

How to Apply Oil to Your Hair

  1. First, microwave/gently heat oil until it's melted and warmed through. Make sure the oil is not hot to the touch. 
  2. Then, section off pieces of hair and massage the oil from root to tip. Use a wide-tooth comb to ensure even distribution. Massage in a circular motion with your fingertips. 
  3. Repeat until everything is evenly coated, then twist the hair into a topknot. 
  4. Standing in a warm, steamy shower helps improve absorption. You can also soak a towel in hot water and cover your head with it. 
  5. Wash your hair and remove all traces of the oil. You may have to lather your hair twice to be sure. 

What Are the Benefits of Oiling My Hair?

Using oil as a regular treatment has many benefits for a variety of different hair types. The practice can prevent hygral fatigue, restore moisture, and protect hair follicles during the washing process. Weekly massage with oils can stimulate the scalp and enhance circulation for healthy hair growth. 

A go-to oil for naturals is coconut oil. Unfortunately, coconut oil doesn’t work on all hair types. 

If you have low porosity hair, give coconut oil a try. Sunflower, grapeseed, and baobab oil can be used to treat and reduce dandruff and promote hair growth. Avocado oil is light, making it quick to absorb and doesn’t feel as greasy on the hair. It’s ideal for those just getting started on oiling their scalp. 

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