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7 Hair Extension Questions Answered

7 Hair Extension Questions Answered

Wearing hair extensions for the first time can be exciting but also overwhelming with the different styles and terms. Unlike wigs, extensions don’t have the function to create hairstyles but rather thicken or lengthen the natural hair already present. 

There are a variety of different hair extension styles and application methods you can choose from. If you’re considering hair extensions for the first time, it’s important to ask basic questions to get started. 


7 Common Hair Extension Questions

1. What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are the addition of hair (human, animal, or synthetic) applied and blended into your natural hair. There are many methods of application, depending on the professional hairstylist and salon. Extensions can quickly and easily add volume and length, naturally enhancing your hairstyle for a completely different look. 

2. How Are Extensions Applied?

These are endless methods on how extensions are applied and many different ways to alter the extensions to fit different needs. The most common methods are sewn-in extensions, wefts, and individuals. 

  • Clipped-In: The basics and introduction method in hair extensions. It’s perfect for first-time clients who do not want the day-to-day washing and styling routine. Clipped-in extensions are more suited for events and temporary wear. 
  • Individuals: Another method involving keratin bonds, the hard bond will hold a small group of hair. When you add heat to the bond, the keratin bond will melt. 
  • Beaded Individuals: The beads are threaded into the hair. And closed using a professional plier application. It takes around 150-200 times to install beaded individuals for an average full head. 
  • Sewn-In Method: Being of the first hair extension method, cornrow braids are made, and the hair is threaded into the braid. Nowadays, a lot of people do a similar method, but with beads, or they will create the attachment point with beads and then sew the hair to it. 

3. How Long Does the Application Take?

The application process varies greatly from client to client. For partial extension, a quarter head is estimated at around 2.5 hours. Half of the head can take up to 4 hours, a three-quarter head takes up to 6 hours, and a full head ranges from 8 to 10 hours. 

4. Can I Wash the Hair and Use Styling Products?

You can wash and style your hair extensions just as you would your hair. To prevent the bonds from softening, it’s important to keep your hair clean and grease-free, so regular washing is essential. 

Take note, new hair extensions shouldn’t be washed within 24 hours of being applied. It’s okay to use styling products, but those which contain oil or alcohol should never be put directly onto the bonds. 

5. Is There Risk of Strong Hair Loss?

There is a small probability of losing some hair when applying and wearing hair extensions. Remember, if you are losing hair and have extensions attached to your natural hair, you will lose the extension as well. 

In the event of severe hair loss, it’s better to avoid extensions and discuss with your hairstylist for another solution. 

6. How Long Does the Extension Last?

This greatly varies from one individual to another. The longevity of hair extensions depends on your natural hair and the type of hair extension you choose to apply. We recommend clients with fine, thin hair keep their extensions in for no longer than 10-12 weeks. 

Those with strong, thick hair can wear their extension for up to 16 weeks. Regular maintenance and care will also affect how long your hair extensions will last. 

7. How Long Does the Removal Take?

Hair extensions that have been well-maintained usually take around 30 minutes per ¼ head to remove. However, poorly maintained extensions may take longer to remove. 

We strongly recommend a professional hairstylist remove your hair extensions to prevent hair loss and damage to your natural hair. 

Hair Extensions at Klassi-La’Chiq

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